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Our Life Expo

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Where: Southdale YMCA - 7355 York Avenue South Edina, MN

The annual OurLife expo is a valuable resource for local residents age 55 and above, and/or the children of aging parents, to learn more about the businesses and services that are available to you and your loved ones. The event includes several short seminars on a variety of topics, free screenings, over 50 business information booths and opportunities to win some great prizes.
2018 Exhibitors being added throughout the spring. Click here to become an exhibitor. Click here for a current list of 2018 exhibitors.

Seminars are still being set for 2018. Here's a list of 2017 seminars:

Connecting with Captioning technology — 
Hosted by: CapTel Captioned Telephone
The CapTel is a Federally funded telephone designed specifically for people with hearing loss. A real solution for anyone that struggles on the phone. This seminar will cover information about hearing loss, captioned telephone technology, and how to gain access to this resource and help provide access in your community.
The Advantages of Integrative Therapy – It’s so much more than a massage! — 
Hosted by: Tealwood Senior Living
Learn the benefits of Integrative Therapies in your quest for overall wellness. Preventative and healing therapies that compliment your lifestyle!
Making Life Better For Seniors — 
Hosted by: Senior’s Choice at Home
Whether you or a loved one needs help with household chores like laundry, grocery shopping, vacuuming and cooking; Or someone to run errands for you we are here for you. Seniors’ Choice at home will be discussing how we can make your life easier!
Choosing the Perfect River Cruise — 
Hosted by: AAA Minneapolis
If you’re considering your first European river cruise, or making a return trip, you might have questions about the differences between river cruise companies, and the sights you’ll see across the continent. We’ll discuss your options, and highlight options for solo travelers and groups.
It’s never too early to start planning for Medicare — 
Hosted by: HealthPartners
When it comes to your health, there’s no such thing as being too prepared. Even if you’re years away from Medicare, you’ll get helpful tips and resources for when you start to plan for your health care needs after 65. Topics include:
  • 7 things to do before you enroll in Medicare
  • Working after 65? Here’s what you should know
  • How Medicare affects your HSA
  • 4 reasons to buy a private health plan
Tai Chi Workshop — 
Hosted by: Southdale YMCA
Celebrate World Tai Chi Day with us! Come learn how this ancient form of exercise benefits both the body and the mind. Known for its health benefits, tai chi’s safe and gentle movement improves balance and strength and can alleviate pain and stress. Join us to learn more and to try your hand at tai chi!
There are several free activities, games, drawings and screenings at ourLife.  Check out the exhibitor page: click here to see what everyone has to offer at their booth! New activities being added throughout the spring.  Full list available in early April.

The 2018 event special section will publish in the Sun Current and Sun Sailor newspapers before the event.  It will include a full exhibitor list, map of expo, seminar topics and times, activity list and stories about our sponsors.  An electronic version will also be available.

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